..::Dry Mouth::..

I think it will take a week for the adhesive taste to leave my tongue!
I got up this morning and addressed the first batch of 100 letters. That part was easy thanks to my handy dandy printer! I then subjected my tongue to the dragging of 100 letters across it's surface. They should really flavor those things! Maybe mint or vanilla. Or Vanilla Mint! Anyway, I then went to three different mail centers trying to find one that did bulk mail. Not even my final stop, the good ol' U.S.P.S., did bulk! Guess I got spoiled at my last job? Next, I proceeded to annoy the clerk by affixing stamps to the 100 envelopes on the counter. She insisted! I just think she thought I'd be faster but I quickly proved her wrong. Now all we have to do is hope our passports arrive early enough to get our visas, Get our visas, Get Yellow Fever and Typhoid Vaccinations on Wednesday, Find someone to rent the apartment, Sell all our junk, Put the rest in storage, Pray they let us in the country without buying a return ticket, Arrive safely, Find a new appartment we can afford, and Adjust to Uganda!
We still have seven weeks, What am I worried about?...

..::So we're really doing this!!!::..

After two months of looking on every airfare search engine, I finally hit the "purchase tickets" button today! Two one way tickets to Uganda!!!
Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Emirates 216 Economy | Boeing 777 (777) | 15hr 55min | 8327 miles
Depart: 4:45pm Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles International (LAX)
Arrive: 7:40pm Dubai, United Arab Emirates Dubai (DXB)
Change planes. Time between flights: 12hr 45min
Emirates 723 Economy | Boeing 777-200 (772) | 4hr 5min | 1564 miles
Depart: 8:25am Dubai, United Arab Emirates Dubai (DXB)
Arrive: 11:30am Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Addis Ababa Bole (ADD)
No plane change. Time between flights: 1hr 15min
Emirates 723 Economy | Boeing 777-200 (772) | 2hr 0min | 757 miles
Depart: 12:45pm Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Addis Ababa Bole (ADD)
Arrive: 2:45pm Entebbe, Uganda Entebbe (EBB)
This flight arrives two days later.
Total duration: 36hr 0min | Total miles: 10648 miles
...Now I just hope they let us on the plane with a one-way ticket!!!

..::the letters are comming::..

If you haven't seen it, see it!
If that's what brought you here, Thanks for watching!
To receive a letter or to support our mission, please send and email to jamesdonkissling@gmail.com containing your home address and phone number!a
Thanks for watching!!!
...in His service,
Jamesdon & Coryn

..::Uganda 2009::..

…the realization

Jamesdon, summer of 2005…
Coryn and I were on a short term mission in Victoria, Canada. Only dating at the time, we made a commitment to give each other space to allow God to do his work through us without the distraction of young love. After spending a few weeks immersed in a new and foreign way of living, I started to feel God tugging on my heart strings, giving me a picture of a life, perpetually lived in this sacrificial lifestyle. It looked magnificent! But little did I know the woman that would one day be my bride was having her own parallel experience.
Coryn, summer of 2005…
Before our trip to Canada I never truly knew what it meant to “hear God’s voice”, but after being in Canada for a week I knew that God was definitely speaking to me. After an amazing session of prayer and worship, I went to my pastor’s wife, Deanna, and told her that I felt God was calling me to missions in Africa. The first thing she asked me was “have you talked to Jamesdon about this?”, which I thought was an odd response. Little did I know, Jamesdon had come to Deanna earlier to share that He too felt called to missions in Africa.
When we finally sat down to talk about this there was no doubt in our minds that this was what God wanted us to do. We had no idea what this would look like, but God has slowly been unveiling His plan and now, four years later, we’re finally saying yes to what God had called us to do so many years ago!
What does this look like? Uganda! We’ll be serving for 13 months in various areas of war torn Uganda with Africa Renewal Ministry. Coryn will be concentrating most of her efforts with Maranatha High School teaching and developing their science department and Jamesdon will be heavily involved with computer networking and instruction as well as media production. We’ll be serving mostly in southern Uganda with some extended stays in Gulu.

...where you come in

For many of you, we’d first like to say thank you for all the prayer, support, and guidance you’ve provided us in the last year of preparation. The journey has been challenging, but without you all it would have been nearly impossible.
With that said, I first and foremost want to start by asking you to join us in prayer with longing, anticipation, and expectation that the Lord will continue to guide and provide for us according to His will. The column to the right is a great place to start!
Secondly, we humbly ask that you partner with us in the work being done in Uganda by contributing to our financial commitment of 20,000 to cover our expenses for the year. If you’d like to unite with us in this undertaking you may send donations to 3012 Herrington Ave. San Bernardino 92405 payable to Africa Renewal Ministries and include "the Kisslings" in the memo line..
We thank you again for your continued prayers and support for our ministry and look forward to keeping you updated on our progress. To help us facilitate this please email us at jamesdonkissling@gmail.com with your contact info!


A window into our adventure that is UGANDA