..::babies babies babies::..

This week has started off great! We really enjoyed church on Sunday and got all of our cleaning and shopping done Saturday before the rain. The school that Coryn teaches at just got out on holiday so she started helping out at ARM's new baby home. I think she's really loving it over there and is getting pretty attached to the babies there.This little guy is Daniel. He's about 7 months old and was abandoned at birth. He's got cataracts really bad so the poor guy can hardly see. When he first arrived, he was really malnourished and the doctors didn't give him much of a chance. It's been really great for both of us to see him progress to a fairly healthy baby right before our eyes! We are a little worried because the doctors think his cataracts might be a symptom of a more serious heart condition and are taking him for further testing this week. We hope you'll join us in praying for this little life and the testimony he may one day become!
Til next time...

...::: getting used to things :::...

I was looking at the calendar today and was pretty surprised to see that by the end of the week, Coryn and I will have been away from home for exactly one month! Seems crazy to think it's been that long already. Things here are really starting to settle into place. We're in our apartment now and are, for the most part, taking care of ourselves. I do most of the cooking, which raises some brows from the locals but I just tell them I'm muzungu and they dismiss it as crazy western culture. I figure cooking is the least I can do after watching Coryn work all weekend washing our clothes.

From Uganda

I suppose we can't let them build up like we did in the states. We're learning pretty quickly that even though Uganda seems to move at a slower pace, it's not a place you can just put things off for another day. Everything we do seems to take some kind of planning down to the remembering start the hot water 15 minutes before we shower. It's definitely a different way of living for us. Good news is we finally have our internet working and can interact with all you beautiful people a little easier! (and cheaper!!!)

Our friend Hope came and stayed the night with us on Friday and was amused, to say the least, at the way we cook our food and generally run our house. She helped us out a lot by taking us to the market and showing us how to negotiate for food. I think the best part was at the butcher! Coryn almost lost it when the butcher hung a fresh that was still twitching only a few inches from her face. I made Hope scrambled eggs in the morning but she wasn't too fond of them because they were "too soft". I figured out later that they don't put milk in their eggs.

On another note, We're glad to hear that our Friends Don and Elaine, who we were with for our first two weeks, have returned safely from their trip through the Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi.

From Uganda

Pastor Alex and his wife
Millie, who they partner with in Bombo, and two other Americans, Jackie and Mark.
We're sad to have to see them go at the end of the week but excited to see how they'll further their ministry state side.

Coryn and I are getting pretty excited for a medical mission we'll be assisting with at Alex's church in Bombo towards the end of the month. We're not quite sure what our roles will be yet but We've heard that the word is getting out and the need should be huge!!

All in all, I think we're getting used to things pretty well around here and are able to concentrate a little more on serving and a little less on cultural differences. Till next time...

...:::a few more for the eyes:::...

Hi friends!
Just wanted to get a few more images up from our adventures here. There's tons more to come so stay posted!
I also have to say, We're loving it here in Uganda and are always so excited to see what tommorow will hold for us. God's working in and through us in amazing ways and it's giving us a realization of just how blessed we really are. We're adjusting really well to Kampala life and learning all sorts of Luganda. It's great to see the look on the taxi drivers face when we say masau!!!
Thanks as always for the prayers and support


A window into our adventure that is UGANDA