...:::last two weeks = AWESOME:::...

A few months ago I was approached by Jeff Atherstone, the principal at Gaba Bible Institute (GBI), to join him and an American film crew in the creation of a handful of promo videos for ARM. I didn't really think much of it at the time, but have got to say that I feel so blessed to have gotten the chance to work on such a noteworthy project.
The First week had us all over Kampala shooting various projects and getting stories by the people affected by them and those affecting change. The stories have been so incredible and a true testament to what God's doing over here!
This week has taken the four of us, Jeff Atherstone, Jacob Lewis, Jeff Henson, and myself, to the North of the country. First Soroti, and then Lira. We've been documenting the struggles that Ugandan pastors face on a daily basis, and I gotta say it's really opened my eyes! It seems I've come so accustom to noticing the young and the sick, that I've never really thought about the welfare of the shepherds. It's really crazy to realize that almost every pastor here has had no training what so ever, and since their not really looked at as a big investment by their village, no one is willing to send them to bible school. Seems a bit strange but here's how it traditionally works;

A community will come together to fund a village member who shows a good amount of potential in the hope that that vary member will then return home and get a good paying job. That person is then expected to turn around and fund others in the community to enable them to achieve the same thing. The problem with this system is that most Ugandan's know that a full time pastor will most likely end up a poor man, making it less enticing to want to send them to school. It's a scary thing to think about since these figure heads are the ones looked to in times of crisis but will be the first to tell you how ill-equipped they are. 
That's why this week has been so great! Not only have I been able to work with an amazing group of guys on a fantastic team, but I've also grown in an understanding of what the church here really needs. Equipped Leaders!
I now want to ask you for two things...

First and foremost, PRAY!
Pray for the conditon of the church nt only here in Uganda, but at home and all over the world. Pray that God brings healing and colaberation to the many communities that are the church.
Secondly, I would ask that anyone who reads this will take a look at what GBI is doing and really consider how easy it could be for you to take part in the transformation!

...:::been a while:::...

Hello everyone out there! I know it's been quite some time since we've given out much info to you fine people! The more we get settled, the more things seem to get busy around here!
Coryn has been carrying out her normal duties at Maranatha High School, but has also picked up a Chemistry class at Heritage International School, a local "missionary kid" school. They must really think she's something special because they've already offered her a full time science position. We've been praying about it a lot and don't feel led to accept it but I know it's a nice feeling for her to be in such demand. On top of all her classes, she's also tutoring a kid here to earn a few extra dollars so that we can pay a few of really bad off locals for small tasks around the house. It's been great since we came here with a "No Handout" mentality.
Last week, we also got a short term roommate. Her name's Emily from Tennessee and so far seems like a pretty easy going girl. She also seems to like having a few mzungus around to pass the time. It's been fun for us too! Lots of board games and fellowship with her and the neighbors.
As for me, I feel like I've been getting to see a lot of the country. Last month we bought a dual sport motorcycle. It's pretty sick and Coryn even trusts me enough to hop on the back. It's made us a lot more mobile and really opened up some great opportunities for me to interact with the projects ARM has outside the city.

Last month, I traveled to Rukunjiri to photograph and film the kids from the Mwangaza choir. The Kids are amazing and really served a great reminder to why I'm here! I'm working on putting together the pics and vids for a promo to highlight the choir and their upcoming 6 month tour in the US.
I also got to travel to Lazira last week to photograph over 200 new children for the sponsorship program. It's really amazing how looking through a lens into each one of those kid's eyes can really pull on your heart strings. Just really surprised me since I had been with them all morning but it wasn't till I took each one's portrait that I could see the hope in each one's face! Also gotta add that I need to get a bit more exercise since I'm on day three from being sore from taking pictures! TAKING PICTURES?!?!
The next two weeks for me should be pretty awesome! I get to assist on an extremely talented video crew form So Cal! I'm so excited! The gear they're bringing is sweet, The talent, even better, and I get to travel to yet a new location, Soroti and Lira! The talent I was referring to is Jacob Lewis. He's a truly gifted filmmaker with an even more amazing heart for God, and I'm so stoked to get the opportunity to work with and learn from him!Check out this piece form him. It's pretty touching!

I guess that's pretty much it for now. Oh yeah, we're still illegal aliens here but really hope that will be cleared up soon without too much cost so we ask that you join us in praying for that one big time! Also, we just found out today that Coryn's mom was in a pretty bad accident on the 5th. She's okay now but did have to stay in the hospital for four days due to multiple fractures. Since the doctor's said she's be fine, they didn't tell us the news right away, out of fear that we'd jump on the first plane home (and probably rightfully so!). Anyhoot, we also ask that you join us in praying for a speedy recovery for her and to make the insurance process (car's totaled) as painless as possible. Thanks for the support!
Till next time...


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