..::Urgent Prayer Request::..

I want to start by saying that we serve a God of impossibilities! I am going to get right to the point…as a family we need some serious prayer. As many of you know, Jamesdon and I have been trying to work out our immigration paper work so that we can remain in Uganda. Because of new laws that have passed, this has not proven to be an easy task, more like one of the most difficult ones we have dealt with since being here. One of the main issues is that because of the new laws we will have to go home to reapply for our new visas instead of having them issued in Uganda. This may mean that we will need to remain in the US for an extended amount of time for the paperwork to be processed. Today we went to the Embassy to get Daniel’s visa to go home for the summer and they will not allow us to travel home with him unless we can prove that we are coming back which means that we need to have current work permits before we leave Uganda. Also without current work permits, we will not be permitted to stay in Uganda. We are confident that God’s plan is not to separate our family and that one way or another God will make it possible for our family to stay together. I am not sure how or what that is going to look like, but we are trusting that God will pave the way and give us strength through the process. We are just asking that all of our friends and family to join us in prayer! We pray that God will make a way for our family to stay together and that He will give us strength and wisdom and an overwhelming trust in Him. We love you and miss you all and pray that we will see you this summer! Thank you for your continued prayer and support.

If you’d like to unite with us in this undertaking you may send your financial blessings to: Align Ministries, 27562 Sweetbrier Lane, Mission Viejo, CA payable to Align Ministries and include "the Kisslings" in the memo line. You can also give online by going to wwwalignministries.org/donate. Just select Missionary Support and write Kisslings in the memo section.


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