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That’s right, we’ve been here just over a week and it seems like we’ve just arrived. But before I catch you up on our new status quo, let me catch you up on what life has looked like since leaving the good ol’ U-S-of-A! 

We left on Wednesday night from LAX on the 28th of August. At the airport, we had our last family meal which consisted of a delicacy of MacDonald’s and Panda Express! In spite of the food, we were able to enjoy our time together as a family!

Coryn and I learned from our previous time in Uganda that long goodbyes just make things harder, so when the time came, we kept things short and sweet. Through choked back tears, Coryn and I said goodbye to each other, and she squeezed Daniel and Nemo extra tight before we left. I waited till she was out of sight till I let the waterworks loose, which got me quite a few funny looks form the TSA agents, and she told me she opened the floodgates in the parking lot!

Hello goodbye London!
We got through security in what felt like the longest hour of my life. It was around quarter to nine and the boys were both falling apart! We were greeted at our gate with news of an hour delay. Yippee!!! Fortunately, when it came time to board, the aircrew took pity on my and let me board with the elite 1st classers!

If the security check was the longest hour of my life, then the flight itself was the longest 2 days! First off, Daniel was a champ! He slept, ate drank, and watched TV! He helped me with Nemo and probably had more patience then I did! Nehemiah on the other hand, was an altogether different story…

The cliche "wing shot"
The little guy didn’t want to eat anything, hated being buckled in his seat, couldn’t care less about the cartoons in front of him, and slept a cumulative total of 4 hours! That meant that I also got about 4 hours of sleep, which didn’t really help my ability to be patient!

We landed in Entebbe, Uganda Friday morning and were picked up by Tad. Tad and Christy Eckerle are good friends of ours both here, and in California, who are in the process of moving back to the US permanently. My plan was to go home with them for the day to help them pack and clean, but in reality I think I was little if any assistance. Jetlag hit me and the boys like a ton of bricks and to be honest, I barely remembered how we got to our new apt, or where in the city we even were! Thank God for Google maps!!!

Home sweet home
The next few days were pretty much a blur of sleep-deprived nights, attempts at helping the Eckerles who really were just helping me, trying to provision our apt, and reorienting myself to this crazy city! 

The neighborhood
On Wednesday, I met with our lawyer to see what, if any progress has been made with our case. The meeting was short, had moments of hope alongside uncertainty, and could be summarized by saying, “we could have a court date in a matter of days or months”.

Nemo's new balancing trick
The boys miss mom like crazy, but at least we’ve been able to have brief Skype conversations with her at least once a day via overpriced internet! I’ve tried to occupy myself with domestic tasks and finding ways to make our little flat a little more home-like before Coryn arrives, but as those distractions wane, I find I’m really starting to miss my beautiful girl! Not just her beauty, but her joyful, loving presence, that completes our home and fills where I lack. 

Pineapple is Daniel's favorite!
I’m listening to RH15 right now, which is one of the boys' faves, and the song “More” is reminding me that I have the triune God to lean on in all times!
“We cry more, we ask in faith, fill us now, have your way”


Emily Ganzfried September 10, 2013 at 1:01 AM  

Thanks for the update! I love your family so much and am praying for you all in this whole crazy process!


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