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I can’t believe it has already been a week since I arrived here in Uganda. It has been an eventful week in terms of getting to have good quality time as a family, but uneventful in terms of the whole adoption process.

Just a fun story for those of you at home…

On Friday the water was “over” as they say here in Uganda. Our small water tank was empty and we had a sink full of dishes, clothes to wash, a toilet to flush…you know all the things that require water!! Not to mention the fact that I didn’t take a shower Friday morning because I was just planning on taking one Friday night. (Lesson learned, if there is water, take a shower!) So hoping we would get water back soon we held out until Saturday, but it was still not there! So Jamesdon had a plan, the fixer that he is, to get water from the underground water catchment downstairs from our apartment (luckily we are in a country where rainwater is easy to come by!) So we tied a rope to a bucket that I threw down into the water catchment and let it fill up with water. I pulled the bucket back up, full of water, and since buckets full of water are not the easiest to carry up a flight of stairs, Jamesdon decided to tie another rope around a second bucket that he threw over the edge of the balcony. So I poured my water into the second bucket and Jamesdon pulled the bucket up to the second story and emptied the water into a large Rubbermaid container. We repeated this about 20 times.  But at least we had semi clean rain water to use.

After doing all the hard work of getting the water, we were not about to use it frivolously. First things first, the toilet, In times of water shortage, we live be the credo, “if it’s yellow, let it mellow, if it’s brown, flush it down” (I actually believe that is the worst part about losing water).  I then  boiled a little for washing the dishes, one basin for washing and another basin with the boiled water for rinsing! The boys also got a nice bucket bath that night. Daniel said he actually prefers a bucket bath to our shower, which to be honest so do I! (Side note: Our shower has an instant hot water heater attached, but the problem is, it gets way too hot because the water pressure is too low, so taking a shower consists of turning on the hot water heater until the water is too hot to bear and then switching it off until it is too cold to bear and then repeat. It is usually about 30 to 60 seconds between the switching on and the switching off.  Lucky for me, if I stand on my toes, I am just tall enough to reach the switch! Needless to say our showers are not very lengthy!) Anyhow, we ended up getting the water back on Monday. And life was back to normal! And by normal, I mean Daniel does not get yelled at for flushing the toilet after he only goes pee!

We went to church on Sunday and Jamesdon was asked to lead worship this coming week. I was really praying that he would find opportunities here to lead worship to help keep him distracted from the lack of progress with the courts. We also got to go fishing and have dinner with friends! Jamesdon and I are really learning how to work together to accomplish all the things we need to get done (washing clothes by hand and ironing everything becomes quite a task)! The boys are having an amazing time getting to experience new things, including catching cockroaches, holding rabbits, fishing, chasing goats, 
driving in really bad traffic (they don’t really mind it, Jamesdon and I do!) and visiting friends! Daniel has had to be creative with his worship music, without his guitar, but cardboard boxes make pretty good drums in his mind!

In terms of the courts...

we have been talking with our lawyer often, but still have nothing new to report. While I was really hoping that I would get here and we would have a court date right away, I know that God has a plan that is way bigger than the one I have made up in my head!

So we continue to wait, but in the meantime, Jamesdon and I are making an effort to visit
projects that are on the ground here, just trying to learn more about how God is using people here and what He is doing to better this country.  This week we went out to visit some very dear friends of ours in Bombo and Wobulenzi, and got to visit Donela Orange School which is sponsored by Align Ministries. I had a chance to meet with some of the science teachers and sit in on a biology lesson for the Senior 1
students. It is amazing how much the school has grown in the past 2 years and to see the amazing work that it being done there. We will be headed back there next week and then we will be off to Gulu to visit some friends and continue to wait for our court date!

Thanks for all your continued prayer and support. We are so thankful for all of you!


Jonathan Stephens October 3, 2013 at 6:39 AM  

So great to read how things are going. We're praying for you guys.

Emily Ganzfried October 3, 2013 at 5:19 PM  

Gahh! I miss your children! Thanks for the pictures and video. I'm praying that this will be an unexpected but sweet season to just be together as a family with very little agenda except to enjoy one another and Jesus!


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